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Working with leading industry insiders, we have set up the VIP Partner and Affiliate program in a way that anyone can apply to join.

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We use an industry leading system to manage our affiliate program and have an every growing affiliate centre and training for you to use easily to get rapid results.

Remember: Ongoing from the launch of Manifesting Millionaires publically starting from 1st October 2011, you can earn up to £997.00 per sale from these high converting and massive value-added products and services.

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What is the Manifesting Millionaires program?

We have prepared the ultimate guide to making sure people can realise their dream of “Manifesting” their first million – cash, wealth, success.

We spent over two decades researching this and developing an active successful program, in and around millionaires and billionaires and the best people we could find – both the known names and the insiders secrets.

We have put together a FREE report that gives great value, and also a premium version of the book that will be available on the major channels (Amazon, Lulu, iBookstore, etc..)

To go with the report and book, we have a series of downloads, reports, webinars, teleseminars, live events, workshops, mastermind groups, coaching, social events, software, discounts, technology resources and incubators.

This is a once in a lifetime experience that people have been blown away by.

We have been testing this powerful program privately for over ten years, with great results. *

Resources for Affiliates and VIP Partners:

The Affiliate Tools page is here –

To track your results login to the Affiliate Centre at with the username and password you register with.

If you have any questions please contact us at


Please note: Your username is your affiliate code

Launch Schedule & Key Dates

Right now you can start to promote the website

This is an evergreen launch and program.

The Free Report is available for review and download now.

The Full Manifesto will be available for download and purchase periodically.

We will be running conference calls and webinars regularly.

There are also quarterly summits and events : 21st March, 21st June, 21st September, 21st December –

Launch Prizes

During this launch phase of Manifesting Millionaires we have many special Launch Prizes prepared.

Full details will be shared with our VIP Partners and qualifying affiliates over the coming weeks and months.

Prizes include:

  • latest iPhones
  • latest iPads
  • FREE invitations to our VIP Partner Parties in London, Las Vegas and New York
  • 5* Dining experiences
  • Millionaire Mentor sessions focussed on you and your business (worth £100k+)
  • Meet a Billionaire – small group sessions with one of our billionaire advisors (this is something that money can NOT buy, it took us over two decades to build these relationships and they have helped more people become truly wealthy than anyone we know)


The Affiliate Tools page is here –

To track your results login to the Affiliate Centre at with the username and password you register with.

If you have any questions please contact us at


* = we are not allowed to make any income promises, and it is clear that the results people get in their lives, depend on the actions, mindset and focus they apply. This is an educational and edutainment experience that is designed to have a positive impact on people’s wellbeing, mindset and “wealth”.